Clark 449 Rebel Centre Console

A Great Canvas To Work From !!

We have done a number of boat tests on the Queensland-manufactured Clark Aluminium boats and the thing that has stood out on each occasion is the value for money they represent.
The latest offering from Clark is the Rebel Series and the 449 Rebel Centre Console is part of the range. I had the opportunity to put the 449 CC through its paces and to see whether it too offers the value that the other ranges in the Clark stable offer.

What a 449 offers
The 449 Rebel is available [...]

Interest Rates Explained – In Simple Terms !!

People always ask me, “so what are your rates”?

People always ask me, “so what are your rates”?

The Number 1 Question – What is your Interest Rate ?

Listed below is a simple & quick run-down on interest rates when it comes to purchasing your next boat .
People always ask me, “so what are your rates”? My bank/finance company told me on the phone that I will get 4.25% !!
Some companies advertise rates which are often quite far removed from what they can actually offer.

We have two main variable factors and when those two factors [...]

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