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Many deals sound too good to be true - generally because they are !!

Many deals sound too good to be true – generally because they are. Most zero percent finance offers certainly fall into that category. They are definitely a good marketing strategy – because they increase inquiry rates at dealerships – but they are seldom a good deal for customers.
Zero percent finance is actually a form of ‘sub-vented finance’ – where the interest is actually paid indirectly to the financier. In practice, how this works is the dealer pays the interest to the financier from the profit out of the sale of the new boat. This is why, when a purchase is completed using a zero percent offer, there is little room, if any, to negotiate on the price of the vessel.
When choosing finance it is essential to look at the overall deal rather than do what the marketers want – which is to see you focus exclusively on the zero.
Generally, it is almost always cheaper to negotiate a significant discount on the price of a new boat, and arrange the most affordable independent finance available.
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